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Big Update App Kids Drawing Doodle Painting

#1 Kids drawing App

"Kids Drawing, Doodle Painting" - an engaging and educational app designed for children to explore their artistic talents while having fun.


- Tracing: Step-by-step instructions guide children in drawing various objects, helping them improve their drawing skills.

- Animation: Kids can create their own animated drawings or explore animations crafted by their parents, sparking their creativity.

- Doodle Kaleidoo: This feature allows children to create beautiful drawings with glowing lines, supporting symmetrical designs from 1 to 16 lines.

- Freehand Drawing: Children can express their imagination and ideas through freehand drawing, encouraging their creativity.

- Painting & Coloring: The app offers a delightful collection of pre-designed images, such as princesses, vehicles, Christmas-themed objects, animals, and more, for kids to color.

- Other Activities: Interactive games like "Guess the Object," "Shape Recognition," and "Color Identification" make learning enjoyable while playing.


Creative Opportunities:

- Parents can actively participate in their child's creative journey. They can create personalized Tracing lessons, Animation sequences, and Pattern Coloring exercises to match their child's interests. By tailoring the app's content to their preferences, children can learn in a fun and spontaneous manner, fostering quick and effective learning.



  • Parents can share their creative works with other kids through the sharing section, encouraging collaboration and inspiring each other's artistic endeavors.

Vibrant Color Options:

- The app provides a diverse range of colors for children to use, including basic colors, sparkling glitter hues, and captivating patterns, enhancing the artistic experience.